Work Culture

Business Philosophy

Integrity & proactive, work hard & live simple, cultivate your heart diligently, pursuing happiness for all employees in both material world & spiritual life, accumulating virtue will bring along happiness & fortune.
Innovative research & development, product transformation and develop in the high-tech industries .
Automation, computerization, strategic alliances and international operations.
Innovation, enhancing competitiveness and take root in Taiwan.

Staff Acquisition

K&W has been specializing in cutting technology development and manufacturing over 50 years. We got the ISO9001 certification, received the "Little Giant Award" in 2000 and the "National Award of Outstanding SMEs" in 2006.K&W established a sound system and offers attractive employee benefits. We welcom the person who is enthusiastic, positive and have the courage to take a challenge to join our team.


Job TitleNew Staff TrainingCore CompetenciesCareer TrainingStratified TrainingSelf Inspiration
Deputy General Manager/Director/Chief Engineer Introduce the Company & Environment Core Competencies Production Management Training  Successor Training of High Level Study Group
Senior Special Assistant Introduce the Company Rules Human Resource Development Training Successor Training of Middle Level On-the-job Training
Manager/Assistant Manager/Senior Engineer Basic Course of Products Accounting and Finance Training Successor Training of Basic Level Books and Reading
Senior Administrator On Job Training Research & Development Training   Company Publications
Section Manager/Deputy Section Manager/Senior Engineer   Production & Technical Training    
Senior Administrator   Quality Management Training     
Supervisor/Deputy Supervisor/Engineer/Administrator   Sales Training     

Salary, Benfit and Activity

Salary & Bonus

Except for the fixed salary to regular employees, annually bonus will be available.
Goal-achieved Bonus : Given the bonus based on the status and percentage of achieve goal.
Specific Performance Bonus: Given the ratio bonus according to annually net profit of company.

Salary Review System

Performance evaluation: According to the performance of individuals to adjust the salary.
Salary associated with commodity price adjustment: Depending on the company's operating conditions and commodity price adjustments.

Employee Benefits and Activity

  • Company Rules: Implementation of mentoring system and new staff counseling system to help employees adapt to work in the environment.
  • Staff Training: Comprehensive staff education and training.
  • Insurance & Pension: Labor Insurance and Health Insurance are covered and pension is allocated.
  • Bonus & Cash Gift: Performance bonus, holiday bonus of the three important Chinese holidays and cash gifts for birthday.
  • Holiday & Activity: 2 days off a week, company trip and cross-departmental friendship associated activity.
  • Subsidy: Maternity benefits, cash gift for wedding and funeral, on-the-job training are subsidized.
  • Others: Physical examination is provided for free annually.

Picture of Activity

Recruiting Information

How to Apply for Working at K&W.:

  1. Through 104 Job Bank on website:
  2. United recruitment Event organized by the government of center area and Nantou.
  3. R&D alternativers are recruited by K&W, as K&W looks forward to having good development and growth with R&D Alternativers.
  4. Campus recruit hosted by K&W to welcome all fresh graduated being a part of K&W and create new opportunity together for furture.
  5. Cooperative education and internship program of K&W are open for all colleges and institutes of technology,.
  6. K&W have working together with research institutes for intramural industry-university collaboration projects.To strengthen and enhance the competitiveness in the industry and the motive for making progress consistently.